Mahavir International was founded in Jaipur 1975 when India was celebrating 2500th Nirvan Centenary of "Lord Mahavir" with the motto "LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL". Mahavir International stands for translating into practice the ethics of "LIVE AND LET LIVE" and Lord Mahavir's ideals of Non-violence, Non-injury, Truth, "Ahinsa", Fellow-feeling and Brotherhood. These lofty ideals which are of enduring significance belong to the whole humanity and hold good for all times and climes. It is thus clear that Mahavir International works to promote the philosophy and teachings of Lord Mahavir among the people in society as is done by other Social Service Organizations like the Rotary and Lions International. The doors of this organization are open to all persons, irrespective of caste and creed or social status.

Mahavir International Ajmer Center was inaugurated by than Honurable Governor of Rajasthan Shri Raghukul Tilak in 1979 and registered under Income Tax Act 1961 section in October 2005. With the underlying objective of serving the humanity at large, Mahavir International Ajmer took upon itself the challenge to provide quality drinking water, eye care, health care and education facilities for the poor and needy strata of society.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote precepts, teachings and philosophy of lord Mahavir among the people of the world.
  • To promote doctrines of truth, "ahinsa" and love in practice in daily life.
  • To infuse and practice the golden rule, "LIVE AND LET LIVE".
  • To foster sense of oneness and unity among different sections of the society by extending bonds of friendship, good fellowship, brotherhood and understanding.
  • To promote active interest in the social, cultural, moral and civic welfare of the society and to promote selfless service for its betterment.
  • To hold discussion on all matters of public interest. Partisan politics and sectarian religion shall, however not be discussed.
  • To mobilize public opinion against social evils and out dated customs.
  • To provide assistance and extend help to those in distress and to the weaker section of the society.
  • To establish or assist establishment of educational institutions for imparting moral, technical, professional and ethical education.
  • To acquire, construct and possess property necessary for achieving either or all of the above objectives.
  • To organize, charter, supervise and coordinate the activities and standardized the administration of all centres.

  • Office Bearers

    Advisory Board

    Vir Dharmesh Jain
    Vir Narendra Singh Kothari
    Vir Padam Chand Jain


    Vir Dr.C.B.Gena


    Vir Padam Kumar Bogawat

    Secretary Administration

    Vir N.K.Ranka


    Vir Jeevraj Chajed

    Vice President

    Vira Pushpa Lodha
    Vir Jinesh Sogani
    Vir Tarachand Lodha

    Joint Secretary

    Vir H.N.Parihar

    Vir Navneet Lodha

    Joint Treasurer

    Vir Ashok Kumar Nahar

    Board of Directors

    Vir Uttam Chand Lunawat
    Vir Dr.N.C.Parakh
    Vir Manohar Gopal Inani
    Vir Prem Kumar Jain
    Vir Gyan Chand Surana
    Vir Gajendra K.Bohra
    Vir Lalit Jain
    Vir Dr.Pradeep Jain
    Vir Vinit Riyawala
    Vir Lokesh Kothari
    Vir Gautam Chand Jain
    Vira Rajkumari Jain
    Vira Manju Pokharna
    Vira Indu Jain